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Master your mind

Visulisation, Active Streaming and Association are very effective tools for mind and memory development. Also, They are effective to increase concentration and sensory development.

We all are gifted with excellent memory, still most of the time, students find hard to concentrate in studies and tend to forget answers in exams or when really required.

Through these concentration techniques, the participant goes through the journey of brain, understands the basic principles of mind and concentration through visualization and association.

How this program is conducted

It is beautiful blend of Training, Practicing, Lecture, Stimulation, Excecise and sharing...


12 Sessions
  • Latest Memory Techniques
  • Brain Gym
  • EyeGym
  • Various Visualization Technique
  • Active Streaming
  • Alpha Concentration
  • Progressive Meditation and Application


18 Sessions
  • Advanced Memory Technique
  • Speed Reading
  • Breathing exercise
  • Image Streaming
  • Theta Stage Brain Exercise
  • Concentration Techniques


  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Grasping Ability
  • More Effective Study
  • Improved Visualization And Imagination
  • Improved Memory

Kit Include

  • Course Manual
  • CD
  • Book
  • pen
  • Web Access for One year