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Our Belief System


At Qubaatic we believe in a holistic value-based system where focus can be given on the uniqueness of a child so that they can excel in their area of interest. This will also build a good character which is far away from fierce competition and increased stress levels that usually leads to depression or failures among children.

Teacher/Mentor Relationship

The need of present times is to ensure that teachers and students share a friendly relation with respect. This is when the children feel secure and have trust in their teacher and then, they are most likely to emulate the same. This was present in the Gurukul system which can be inculcated today through use of activities, training workshops to bond with the students.

Know Us

Qubaatic Edutech Pvt. Ltd. (QEPL) believes in, “creating a better tomorrow for our children, today” by providing quality training for young minds which are fertile grounds, especially from 7 to 14 years of age. Sometimes we limit our own progress by simple ignorance, building barriers and self-defeating prophecies. Children possess an untapped reservoir of resources within themselves, of which they are unaware.

The concept of Qubaatic Edutech Pvt. Ltd. was conceived by educationists who are pioneers in their own field.

Mr. Jagdish Patel

Managing Director

Mr. Suraj Rajkumar

Executive Director

Ms. Manjula Suraj

Executive Director

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