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Are you passionate about running your own business? Do you believe you can make a child extraordinary for life? Then, Qubaatic has the answer.

Our Franchisee model is a tested and proven system developed with over 20 years of experience and are running successfully worldwide because of,

  • Low Investment
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Quick Returns
  • High Earnings

Why choose Qubaatic?

  • Start-up – Simple to start a centre and grow organically year on year
  • Content – Quality content with proven results
  • Support – Constant timely support, updates and excellent evaluation system for all round performance
  • Marketing – Continuous marketing support, to promote and help the franchisee grow its business.
  • Professional Centre Management system – Software system for optimum management.
  • Focusing on enhancing the innate qualities of a child and thus provide a better future.

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About Our Franchisees

Qubaatic has been successfully shaping young minds in over 7 countries and is growing leaps and bounds.

Our centres are currently operating in


Ascend Mind Solution

Contact – Mr. Jagdish Patel



Citta Inc.

Contact – Ms. Manjula Suraj


Andhra Pradesh

Citta Inc.

Contact – Ms. Manjula Suraj


New Zealand

Jai Ganesh Mental Arithmetic Technique

Contact- Mr. Prashant Patel



Citta Inc.

Contact – Ms. Manjula Suraj



Post Office Box 58, Aboso, Western Region, Ghana, WP-5212-3377

[email protected]

(+233) 0502396434
(+233) 543377107
(+233) 243134695

Coming soon :  Yuganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, canada, UAE, Vietnam, USA

To be a part of this growing family as a Qubaatic Activity centre or a State Franchisee or a Country Franchisee


+91 9662 53 0327

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