Qubaatic Science Activity Centre (QSAC)

What ?

What we experience is best remembered always. What we identify with is best understood. Do it to learn it. This is the foundation of effective learning.

QSAC is a unique program to enrich a child’s knowledge of Science by Experimenting, Logical thinking and Ability to relevantly present an idea. This is a “Hands-on” experience for the students.

Why ?

A simple question, do students understand fundamental concepts of science when they learn by rote? QSAC creates an opportunity to learn the WHAT, HOW, WHEN, & WHY of things to handle scientific material, do their own experiments, build their own Projects and while doing so, understand underlying principles.

How ?

Students develop effective techniques by observing and testing everything around them, with which they interact.

QSAC facilitates students to make several projects and perform many experiments on various topics of science like, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, Space science, Astronomy, Aeromodelling, Robotics etc. All activities, projects and experiments done by students are given to them as their own possession.

Programs By QSAC

Junior Level

Very first level of QSAC, for students from 3rd to 5th standards. This level makes students aware about science around them by performing experiments individually.

Intermediate Level

It aims at preparing students of grade 5 and above for science exams conducted by different institutions, by enriching their understanding of science through experimentation.

Senior Level

It focuses on developing understanding of various areas in science that students learn during their high school years up to class10.

Advance Senior Level

This is the final level for students, who have completed level 1. In this level they perform activities of advanced science like, Electronics and Robotics along with Optics, EM, Microscopic World etc.

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