The Difference

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life to believing that it is stupid”

Albert Einstein


Qubaatic believes in the Gurukul system of training and developing a child’s cognitive skills parallel to our modern education.

Qubaatic aligns itself with the challenges parents face daily with their children and challenges children face knowing or unknowingly, helping them to overcome it in the most ideal and simplest way. Therefore,

"Qubaatic is not another tuition class, its skills for life"

Our courses are designed to enhance the cognitive skills used by children. We focus on the HOW to do rather than on WHAT to do aspects of problem solving.

Many a times it is seen that a child’s logical hemisphere of the brain develops faster than the creative hemisphere, we ensure that both hemispheres are developed simultaneously resulting in a holistic brain development of the child.

Qubaatic’s training programs are based on advance self-assessment tools, thought provoking exercises, various creative visualization, and state of the art Techniques. We endeavour to recognise and harness their latent skills through fun, interactive and experimental activities, games, competitions, role play, case studies and questionnaires making it enthralling for students and can be easily applied to face challenges in academics or in life.

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