Self-discovery and Self-analysis is a challenge and is often postponed for several reasons. However, if one can get a reading by simply analysing one’s fingerprints would that self-discovery ever be postponed?


Dermatoglyphics (derma-SKIN , glyph-CARVING) is the study of patterns on an individual’s fingers and hands.Dermatoglyphics has been developed on the basis of extensive research from experts in the fields of Medicine, Genetics, Embryology, Neuroscience and Paediatric Psychology.Though fingerprint identification has been a prevalent practice for several hundred years, Dermatoglyphics is a relatively new concept, coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American ‘fingerprint analysis’.


Identify and harness your core competence

Rekindle your passion and revive your dreams.

Invest wisely in suitable self-development programs.

Improve relationship with self and others.

Boost self-empowerment and wellbeing.

Ensure pre-employment screening.

Lead an extraordinary life

Identifies hidden inborn potential early in life.

Reveals personality, multiple intelligence, preferred learning style etc.

Boosts self-confidence & wellbeing.

Strengthens the bond between parents and child.

Makes academic and career choices easier.

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