Master Your Mind (MYM)

It is often said work smarter not harder. But the question is how? At MYM the HOW is effectively addressed and simply means increase one’s Cognitive skills, Visualisation for better memory power, super foods that trigger brain cell activity and vibrant health.

MYM ‘s Super Brain activation program trains one in the art of extraordinary concentration, learn anything 2 to 10 times faster, overcome fears and traumas/psychological blocks, self-sabotaging habits, lower levels of stress, highly motivated and more purposeful lifestyle.

MYM has 2 levels – MYM 1.0 and MYM 2.0, MYM programs can be conducted online too.

Master Your Mind 1.0

2 full days or 2 weekend workshops (For students aged 8 to 16)
Course Module
What to expect from MYM 1.0

Master Your Mind 2.0

3 full days or 3 weekend workshops (For students aged 8 to 16)
Course Module – Techniques
Advance PRT (Progressive relaxation technique)
Image Streaming
Creative Visualisation
Advance Neuro linguistic programming
Advance Speed reading
What to expect from MYM 2.0

Summer Camp

Special Summer camps are conducted during the months for April and May for students which comprises of the MYM 1.0 and MYM 2.0 program modules. It’s a 6-day, fun filled, activity-based learning residential camp in major cities of India.

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